Electricity Power Breakdown in Pakistan


Electricity Power Breakdown in Pakistan

LAHORE (Dunya News) - Most urban communities the nation over were passed on with no power because of the issue in high-strain transmission lines on Monday morning.

The power blackout hit urban areas in Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, and the government capital after transmission lines from the Guddu power station created specialized shortcomings.

The Service of Energy, in an explanation, said the reduction in framework recurrence of the public lattice was accounted for at 7:34 am, adding that endeavors are in progress to supply and reestablish the power.

Sources said power plants in Guddu, Jamshoro, Muzaffargarh, Haveli Shah Bahadur, and Baloki, were impacted by the power breakdown.

In Lahore, buyers in the region of Shopping center Street, Kanal Roald, and different regions are confronting the disturbance in the power supply while Orange Line Metro Train administration has likewise been suspended.

The power supply to 117 network stations of Islamabad Electricity Supply Company was likewise disturbed, influencing various regions in the capital city and Rawalpindi.

In Karachi, the power is inaccessible in Gulishtan-e-Johar, Pehlawan Goth, Johar More, Bhittaiabad, Nazimabad, Golimar, and different regions.
Sources said it could require hours to reestablish the power supply in the nation over.

Individuals from various urban areas crowded to virtual entertainment to report the power disappointment.