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Mushkpuri Top


Mushkpuri is the second highest hill of Galiyat. It is located in the Hills of Nathiagali in District Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, Track to Mushkpuri Top is the second-highest hill of Galiyat at Dungagali-Ayubia Track, This track is also known as the pipeline track. A pipeline was laid to supply water to Murree, Pakistan’s busiest hill station. This track follows the pipeline from Donga Gali to Ayubia, a distance of 4 kilometres. Mukshpuri Top (Mukshpuri Peak) or Moshpuri Top (Moshpuri Peak) or Mukeshpuri Top (Mukeshpuri Peak) is a 2,800-metre-high (9,200 ft) mountain in the Nathiagali Hills, in the Abbottabad District of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in northern Pakistan. It is 90 kilometres (56 mi) north of Islamabad, just above Dunga Gali in the Nathiagali area of Ayubia National Park. Much of it the mountain is covered with Western Himalayan subalpine conifer forests.